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KiwiArt is an international classifieds art gallery that allows any artist to post their painting, photography, sculpture and all other forms of art without any charge. KiwiArt is a unique web-concept, which will revolutionize the way that the artist and freelancer around the world is able to promote, distribute and sell their art. KiwiArt provides international listings for the artist of any genre: graphic design, painting, photography, ceramics, etc. All art is welcome. KiwiArt is an essential tool for any artist looking to expand their marketing opportunities and business networking in the global art community. Our service is geared towards the artist who wants international exposure. Read below on how to optimize your art experience.

KiwiArt is a simple reliable tool for art enthusiasts and the individual artist to connect with art lovers

KiwiArt begins in international mode. When you browse posted art, no specific region will be selected. Also, when you post your art, it will not be posted in a specific country unless selected. You can select your region from the top right. PLEASE SELECT A REGION BEFORE POSTING ART! Once this step is complete, you may begin to browse art in the selected country or go straight to posting your art (photography, painting, etc). Once you have entered the information for your art, BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR INBOX AND YOUR JUNK MAIL FOLDER INCASE THE CONFIMATION EMAIL HAS BEEN MISPLACED. Now that your art is listed in our gallery, you can use our new bookmarking to promote your art! To share your posting on sites such Facebook, Twitter, MySpace , blogs and others, view your posting and click the share button in our category column and select where you would like to share your art!

Our goal: Expressing the international art community’s creativity for free!

KiwiArt is all about simplicity. We provide our users with a free and simple interface to our gallery without any hidden charges or fees. We understand that the task of an artist is not always the most financially rewarding; that’s why KiwiArt is completely free of charge. While KiwiArt is based on our desire to give back to the art community, we’re also committed to helping others in need. A portion of the monthly revenue made through KiwiArt will go directly to a children’s charity, supporting and improving another vital part of our community. Be sure to follow KiwiArt on Twitter and Facebook.


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